Animal Trainer

SeaWorld San Antonio

Primary Purpose:
Enthusiastically represents SeaWorld by displaying a positive attitude, high level of energy and commitment to quality throughout all aspects of the job. Provide for proper nutrition, appropriate and sanitary living conditions, and constant care for our park animals. These positions safely fulfill duties in animal/guest interactions, animal training, husbandry, enrichment, general public presentations, and research.

Trainer Basic Requirements

  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Eighteen (18) months animal training or animal husbandry experience in a marine mammal, zoological, or aviculture professional setting.
  • Have high school diploma or equivalent. College background in psychology, zoology or biology is a plus
  • Be Open Water SCUBA certified.
  • Be able to pass both SeaWorld pre-employment and post-employment swim test and diving physical.
  • Have a working knowledge of the English language with excellent verbal and written communication skills. Basic math skills required.
  • Be able to frequently lift, pull, push 50 pounds.
  • Be able to stand, walk, and work for prolonged periods of time in extreme weather conditions.
  • Be willing to work a flexible schedule to include weekdays, weekends, evenings, overnights and holidays.
  • Ability to receive CPR certification.
  • Consistently practices safe work habits including, but not limited to the use of personal protective equipment, lifting and reporting of unsafe situations.
  • Be willing to comply with, and ensure Ambassadors comply with, all SEA grooming guidelines and employment standards.
  • Be able to successfully complete all legal, company, and department training requirements to include but not limited to passing required tests and certifications within established timelines.

Animal Trainer Level Duties and Responsibilities

  • Perform daily husbandry tasks including administration of vitamins and medications as directed, food preparation, maintaining a safe and sanitary working area for all animal habitats as directed by area leadership.
  • Responsible for guest, personal, and animal safety by developing awareness of the behavioral precursors of potentially harmful behavior by both animals and people.
  • Make daily observations of animals and report any abnormalities to staff supervisor and team.
  • Maintain all animal records, equipment, area responsibilities, and communication requirements on a daily basis.
  • Provide and maintain a work environment that follows the established guidelines and safety procedures set by the department and park.
  • Function as an Ambassador by displaying consideration, tolerance, cooperation, open communication, and reliability. Maintain a consistent attitude, motivation, and ability to accept feedback.
  • Successfully represents company in Public Relations or Media situations/events.
  • Perform all supportive roles in education and general public shows to develop speaking skills and stage presence. Perform primary roles as assigned by area leadership.
  • Engage in and execute all aspects of guest interaction programs.
  • Provide proactive guest service through guest interactions, pre and post show interactions, and responding to guest inquiries.
  • Work with animals using behavioral modification techniques as instructed. Train behavior to completion under minimal supervision.
  • Other duties as assigned by leadership.

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